For more than 180 years, the quaint home of the Bakerville Library has stood as both a touchstone of our common past and a threshold into the future we all share.
Come see for yourself.

Bakerville Marketplace and Used Book Sale, August 2006

Thanks to all for a successful
2006 Bakerville Marketplace and Used Book Sale!

Book Sale

In all, we raised more than $3800 from the teacup auction, book sale, bake sale, vendor applications, and donations. All these proceeds benefit the library we love.


Book Sale

Thanks to the Eureka Grange for kindly letting us use both their tents, and to Don Steeves for delivering them, and to the Goffs for picking them up. And thanks to Neal Yates and Kathy Beyer for letting us use their "barn" to store and sort books, and their yard for the actual book sale.

Shaved Ice

Thanks to the Bakerville Methodist Church for letting us use their building to store and sort books, and their tables for the book sale.


Thanks to the Friends of the Bakerville Library for their long hours of planning, preparation, phoning, footwork, and heavy lifting. In alphabetical order for convenience only:
Joan Auclair, Roxanne Carroll, Patty Cerruto, Pam FitzGerald, Andrea Garfield, Debi Garfield, Nancy Pretak, Deb Reardon, Kathy White, and Milissa Woodward.

Crossing guard

The Bakerville Library is fortunate to have a very long list of volunteers and donors to thank for their help with this successful, entertaining event. Ready?

Bob Pretak, Hank FitzGerald, Bob Garfield, Jason Woodward, Gavin Woodward, Joan St. James, Bill Reardon, Peter Cerruto, Peter Cerruto, Mike Carroll, Nell Roberts, Eli Roberts, Julie LaSata. (More after the next picture.)


Mike Brauer, Kathy Kinane, Barbara Goff, Jeanne Phillips, Karen Phillips, Paulina Auclair, Randy Auclair, Jim Auclair, Kim Ciccarello, Linnea Nygren, Amanda Nygren, Lois Nygren, Joe Faulkner, Desiree Faulkner, Kendal DeMichele, Nicole Folino, Meredith Kurtz, Julia Ashworth, Geoff Mottola, Deanna DeMichele, Peg and John Budny. (More after the next picture.)

Book Sale

Lisa Phillips, Clark and Chris Slate, Cathie Buxton, the O'Neill family, the Ciccarello family, the Cunningham family, Jeannie Dufour, Mabel Woolley, Barbara Miller, Karen Rossi, the Nygren family, the Cerruto family, Emily Dunn, Dianne Litchfield, Girl Scout Troops 134 & 144, Holly Florio, Sandra Gavette. (More after the next picture.)


Don't forget to patronize the businesses who made donations to the auction:

J.C. Penney, Torrington
Staples, Torrington
Sky Top Lanes, Torrington
Apple House Quik Mart, Torrington
Toy Jam, Torrington
Weingart Farms, New Hartford
Nails by Shelly, New Hartford
New Hartford Junction, New Hartford
Muddy Moose Antiques, New Hartford
Hoffmann Hardware, New Hartford
Gresczyk Farms, New Hartford
Dan-Dee Acres, New Hartford
Natural Wave, Barkhamsted
New Hartford Wine & Beverage, New Hartford
Jerram Winery, New Hartford
The Cutting Corner, New Hartford
Bakerville Package Store, New Hartford
Fairview Farm Golf Course, Harwinton
Julie Ann Creations
Moscarillo's Garden Shop, Torrington
Countryside Spirit Shop, Torrington
Cost Cutters, Torrington
Price Chopper, Torrington
Wal-Mart, Torrington
Ski Market, Avon
The Cork Fine Wine & Spirits, Torrington
M.E. Carroll & Sons, New Hartford
The Perfect Toy, Avon
Mainstream Canoes & Kayaks, New Hartford
Riverside Nursery, Collinsville
Chelsea Gardens, Canton
D.M. Barberet Jewelers, Thomaston
The Plant Outlet, Torrington
Jacqueline Kane Massage Therapy, Torrington

Book Sale

Photos: Nancy Pretak